Day 149 – 153 7/10 – 11/10 Broome

Have settled in to the Broome lifestyle well. Only problem on the horizon is that I have run out of Bighead. Can’t find any in Broome. Have emailed Burleigh Brewing to see what they can do to help.

Visited Willie Creek Pearls & did the tour, we are now experts on grading pearls. Remember the 5 virtues of a pearl are:-

  • size
  • colour
  • luster
  • shape
  • surface

The day we visited was the biggest King tide of the year. The wharf was OK when we got there, by the time we left it was under water. Thats what a 10m tide will do.

The reason there are camels on Cable Beach is that the Pearl Shell luggers used to offload the shells at Willie Creek & camels transported them to Broome via the beach. On the return journey they carried supplies back to the luggers.

And of course Ulrika scored a beautiful black pearl in a gold cage for her upcoming birthday (wedding anniversary, Xmas, Valentines Day, next years birthday, etc).2017 09 Oct_5186

Visited the lighthouse on Gantheaume Point. Beautiful rock formations & a white bellied sea eagles nest.

Had a great day at 12 Mile Bird Park. He was having a good day when he designed some of these birds. Spectacular. Ulrika was doing her best Mary Poppins impersonation to keep out of the sun.

On the way home we found a Mango shop. Let me think Mango smoothie, Mangomasu, Mango Mossie repellant, Mango chutney &  I am sure a couple of things I didn’t notice.

We nearly had a major accident when Ulrika fell over the support ropes. I have now added an anti- Ulrika falling over warning thingy. Commonly known as a noodle cut in half.2017 09 Oct_5285

Went out for a cruise on Roebuck Bay & found some Snub Fin dolphins. We also found a flat back turtle that couldn’t submerge because of a virus. We put him on the boat & they took him to a sanctuary for a course of antibiotics.

Words for the last few days are:-

Eyrie – a large nest of an eagle or bird of prey.  Comes from latin “area” level piece of ground

Quango – a semi-public administrative body outside the civil service but receiving financial support from the government. Have seen a lot of Rigional versions of this in the last few months.

Divagate – stray or digress.

Monticule – a small mountain, hill or mound

Cacophonophilist – one who loves harsh sounds. Me listening to Ulrika.

P.S.  I’d have to go back to work if I’d bought her these2017 07 Oct_5077


Very proud of Tristan receiving the Player Appreciation Award at Yeronga South Brisbane Football Club.IMG_1265 (002)




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  1. Pete, I reckon you have all the right attributes for a pearl, namely:

  2. Hi Peter and Ulrika
    Good to follow you around Australia…..don’t always keep up to date but indo lot of the time
    In Bali at the moment
    Seeing how I can work and take as many holidays as possible
    Be good

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