Day 144 – 148 2/10/17 – 6/10/17 Derby

Arrived in Derby on Monday morning after long haul from Halls Creek. We weren’t keen at stopping at Fitzroy Crossing. We have deliberately left a few places behind on this trip due to the heat & conditions of road. Will catch up with Tunnel Creek, Mimbi Caves & Gibb River Road next time around when we have the truck.

Watched the sunset at cafe out on the wharf. The Beef Vindaloo was great.

Visited Mark Norval gallery & of course had to buy something for the caravan.

Some more Boabs, some with holes in them.

We even found a white peacock in the Caravan Park.

Ulrika has learnt something from Hayden, how to have a snack on the go.2017 04 Oct_4899

This is how a couple of Lubras do the walk of shame 15km outside of Fitzroy Crossing.2017 02 Oct_4833

Wouldn’t mind a ride on this old girl, its been around the block a few times.2017 02 Oct_4834

Arrived in Broome & as you do you go straight to the pub, or in this case Matso’s Brewery. Ulrika has the taste for their Ginger Beer beer. I tried the Chilli beer & yes it is hottttttttttttt!

Then off to Cable Beach to watch the sunset. It’s still school holidays here so lots of people on the beach.

Finished the day watching the new Kingsman at Sun Pictures. It’s another old open air theatre that has been preserved. A pity we can’t do this on the East Coast.

Yesterday I got the car serviced so we spent the morning cleaning car, caravan, etc. We are staying at Broome Caravan Park & will probably be here for 4-5 weeks. Weather is much nicer, only gets to 32-33 & onshore breeze keeps it cooler.

After we got the car back we took Billy down to Cable Beach for a gambol. Dogs are allowed on the Northern end of beach, the same place is bathers optional. Hmmmm!

Plenty of camels around!

Today we bummed around & finally went to the Stairway to the Moon Markets & watched the full moon rise. Lots of people around. Struggled to get good photo without a tripod.

Ulrika reckons she has found our next truck.2017 06 Oct_5008

Words for the last 5 days are:-

Hubris – excessive self pride.

Anhedonia – lack of pleasure or of the capacity to experience it.

Loquacious – talking or tending to talk too much or freely (Ulrika after a few drinks)

Thimblerig- a sleight of hand swindling game (thimble & pea)

Gambol – run or jump around playfully

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