Day 140 – 143 28/9 – 1/10 Wyndham

Left Kununurra & drove up the road to Wyndham, not really Wyndham but 20km down the road at Parry Creek Farm. Recomend the spot- met a lot of nice people & great spot to travel into El Questro. It has a great lagoon & its own resident crocodile (had to keep Billy away from edge).

We went for a drive around Wyndham & was not really impressed. The town has been dying over the last 10 years, lot of empty buldings. It is the most northerly WA town!

Found a big Croc, a new leader in the biggest Boab & somewhere to put Ulrika if she doesn’t behave.

Also went up to Five Rivers Lookout. It is called Five Rivers because the King, the Durack, the Pentecost, the Ord and the Forrest Rivers all run into the Cambridge Gulf.

2017 28 Sep_4525
View from Five Rivers Lookout

Next day we went to Emma Gorge & walked up to the waterfall. Well one of us did the other one piked out just short (it was 38 degrees). See if you can guess who from the photos.

2017 29 Sep_4549
View of Emma Gorge Hill

Day after we went to El Questro & went to Zebedee Springs. Yep they are hot water springs & are crystal clear.

Also went for a drive & had a look at Chamberlain Gorge & poked our head into El Questro Gorge. Too hot to walk the 6.5km to see another waterfall. The track got a bit rough on the way in.

Went up to Five Rivers Lookout for sunset BBQ & then went to outdoor pictures to watch Spiderman.

This morning we were up early to watch the sunrise & get some photos at Marlgu Billabong.

Left Wyndham this morning & we are in Halls Creek for the night & then off to Derby tomorrow.

You see some funny things on the road.

OK, we have decided to have a word of the day, just another way to keep us sane when driving. The last few days words are:-

gnarly – unpleasant or unattractive.   Thats a gnarly termite mound

thrall – slave, servant or captive.    Ulrika worked like a thrall this morning

flam – not good, bad or shady.     He looks like he would tell some flam stories.

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