Day 120 – 125 8/9 – 13/9 Darwin

Darwin has been great. Weather is 36 every day. Mornings & evenings are the best. Lunchtime we have a siesta or find somewhere with aircon. Ulrika finally found a reason to go for a drive (hasn’t driven in 2 months). Can you spot the problem?

2017 11 Sep_3528
Spot the problem?

Have been doing the tourist thing. Sunset from East Point Reserve on first night.


Visited the Aviation Museum. Some great planes.

Fishfeeding at Aquascene.

Saw these & they reminded me of Johnsy, Ratshit & Duddles.

2017 10 Sep_3451
Which ones which?

Nightcliff Markets for brekky & then Mindal Beach Markets for dinner & the sunset. And the entertainment.

Ulrika decided to go country.2017 09 Sep_3300

Went on a sunset dinner cruise on the harbour. The Sea Princess was docked. Did I mention that the sunsets up here are great. Did I also mention that champagne was included!

Took a video from the drone of the Billabong we are camped next to.

And finally here is Rorke’s Hotel in Darwin for Ditch.

Off to Kakadu tomorrow.

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