Day 113 – 115 1/9 – 3/9 Mt Bundy

We have spent the last 3 days at Mt Bundy Station which is just outside of Adelaide River. The original size of the property in 1911 was 1.1 million acres. Up until the 1960’s the main industry on the property was hunting & processing wild Buffalo for their skins. It was estimated there were 30,000 buffalo on the property. In the 1960’s an American company introduced Braham Cattle into Australia & since then they have been the main focus. There are lots of animals wandering past. We have seen our first Black Necked Stork (Jabiru).

We got Billy babysat for the day & went to Litchfield National Park. We haven’t seen a cop for the last month & all of a sudden on the way to Litchfield they were everywhere. Breath test @ Batchelor, a couple of bikes & cars patrolling in the park. The guy in front of us got done @ breath test so we were waved through.

2017 02 Sep_2897
Breath Test @ Batchelor

Lots to see, first on the list was the Magnetic Termite Mounds. We also found the new leader in the tallest mound. We estimate it to be ~5 metres high.

Buley Rockpool was next up. Pleasant place for a swim.

Just down the road was Florence Falls, found a rare species of bird at the bottom.

Our favourite place was the Lost City, it was down a 10km rough track but it was worth the drive. Great rock formations & colours.

2017 02 Sep_2909

Wangi Falls was spectacular & has a great swimming hole but was full of local tourists (it was a Saturday). We will be going back over the next few days to have a swim.

Next on the list was Tolmer Falls. You cannot get to the bottom of this one.

2017 02 Sep_2940

Today we went & had a look at Robin Falls, it is not part of the National Park. It was a rough walk to get in, there was a scout group having a swim in the pool.

I have been remiss in not posting photos of the pubs we are having a drink at (thanks Ditch for reminding me). Having said that there have been a few recently that we have not had a drink at as we were not the correct colour.


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