Day 106 – 108 24/8-27/8 Katherine

We’ve spent the last 4 days at Katherine exploring the areas around it. On Friday we got Billy babysat at the local Vets & went to Katherine Gorge. We were going to do the walks but Ulrika forgot her shoes so we decided to do the 3 gorge boat trip instead. Probably a good move as it was 37 degrees at lunch time. First thing we noticed was the Fruit Bats that populate the area near where you board the boats. They have been there for 7 months & they stink.2017 25 Aug_2541

Nice trip up the 1st gorge, you then get to look at some Abo art & change boat to 2nd gorge. After that change again to the short 3rd gorge.

2017 25 Aug_2431

Even got to see a few more bats, real ones this time. They were in a cave on the gorge.2017 25 Aug_2633

They kept telling us stories about crocs & how they had caught 3 salties this year & it would be OK to have a swim as the Freshies wouldn’t hurt you.

Never one to trust I sent Ulrika in to test the water. When she was OK for 10 minutes I joined her.

2017 25 Aug_2425
Ulrika swimming with the crocs
2017 25 Aug_2439
Katherine Gorge

And would you belive it just around the corner guess what we found?

2017 25 Aug_2647
A nice 2.5m Freshie

We also went & had a look at Cutta Cutta Caves just south of Katherine. Some great stalactites & stalagmites.

Surprised to find a banded tree snake underground. They eat the bats that live in the caves. 2017 25 Aug_2474

Had a swim at Katherine Hot Springs (yes we are on a tour of all hot springs in the country).

Had a quick look at Tindal RAAF Base but nothing happening. We did see our first dingo.

2017 25 Aug_2540
Dingo near Tindal

Today we went to Edith Falls & walked for a couple of hours around the tracks. Decided to have a swim but it was a tad colder than the hot springs.

Heading further North tomorrow.

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