Day 102 to 105 21/8 – 24/8 Bitter Springs


As promised we spent the last 4 nights at Bitter Springs which is just outside Mataranka which is 100km south of Katherine. The book “We of the Never Never” was written about a station just down the road. Ulrika & I are reading the book. Interesting read.

We have been going down to the springs twice a day for a swim. So this is the deal, first get a noodle, either wear wet shoes or put thongs on end of noodle, enter water that is ~30 degrees, float down creek propelled by current for ~500m or 20 minutes, get out of water, walk 150m back to start, repeat as many times as you like. Very relaxing & we found it difficult to leave.

Lots of Birdlife as always.

Even had an early morning visit from a wallaby.


You don’t want to build in timber around here, the termite mounds are enormous.2017 21 Aug_2282

We also went to Mataranka Thermal Pool & whilst nice wasn’t as good as Bitter Springs

We drove to Katherine today & restocked our supplies. Went to Woolies & Ulrika couldn’t get her normal mouthwash as they will not sell anything with any hint of alcohol in it. Need to produce ID to buy grog & only sell takeaway between 2pm & 6pm. Lots of our indigenous friends just walking around or sleeping under trees. Also lots of kids not in school.

I was reading another blog of a couple who travelled around Australia & they said they only spent $28/week on alcohol. We must be doing something wrong as we are spending this much every day. Hmmm, something needs to change! (no I will not lower myself to drink VB)

Here for the next 4 nights.

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  1. Hi Peter & Ulrika
    Agree, life is too short to drink VB or not do whatever you want …. Enjoying the posts


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