Day 91 to 94 10/8 – 13/8 Burketown

Came to Burketown for a couple of days & we have stayed 5 nights. Good place to relax & chill. Not much going on, lives off cattle stations & fishing tourism. Only problem is there are very few fish around. The locals cannot even catch any. We were going to go on a fishing charter but the $500k charter boat is owned by the local Aboriginal coop & they have not got a skipper for it. ???

Went for drive to Leichardt Falls (around 70km away). Plenty of water in river but falls weren’t flowing.

On the way is a Bore that was drilled in 1897, unfortunately the water has so much salt in it it is no good for anything. It has run uncontrolled for many years & the salt build up has given it its colour.

2017 10 Aug_2025
Burketown Bore

Lots of birds around

No fences along the road. Wouldn’t want to run into this fella.

2017 10 Aug_2039
Brahma Bull on side of road

Lots of pretty plants around on the salt flats

2017 10 Aug_2070

Tried a new delicacy at the pub. Peanuts boiled in saltwater. Different!

Boiled in Saltwater

Weather has been great 28-30 degrees.

Heading to Mt Isa tomorrow morning.


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