Day 89 & 90 8/8 – 9/8 Adels Grove

As promised we went kayaking at the gorge yesterday. What a great experience. Took us around 2 hours to do both the lower & upper gorge. Ulrika needs a bit of work on her paddling. Have had a great time here, would recommend to anyone as a must see. Left Kim & Gwen this morning as they are heading to Hells Gate.

Billy has changed colour, he is now a redhead from all the red dust. He seems to be having a good time.2017 07 Aug_2020

Left Adels Grove this morning & had a change of plans. We drove north & we our now at Burketown, population 200. Plans are to do a bit of fishing & have a look at Leichhardt River Falls. The old pub burnt down in 2011 but fortunately they built another one & it has cold beer!

Not sure which way we are going from here & how long we will be here.

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