Day 86 to 88 5/8 – 7/8 Lawn Hill

Left Cloncurry & travelling with Kim & Gwen. Headed first to Burke & Wills Intersection & then to Gregory Downs. Lawn Hill is 90km down a dirt road.


Staying at Adels Grove which is 10km from the Lawn Hill Gorge but still on the creek. Interesting story on Adels Grove. In the 1920’s a Frenchman Albert De Lestang (hence name Adels from initials) bought the land & turned it into a Botanical Garden. He grew tropical plants from all over the world & then sent seedlings to other Botanical Gardens. In the 1950’s a fire burnt it all down together with his records. With all of his life work destroyed he died not long after.

Yesterday we spent the morning hiking around some of the tracks (Island Stack & Cascades) in the Park, went for a swim in the creek in the arvo. Weather is a nice 28 degrees.



Today we went for another walk to Indarri Lookout & Duwadarri Lookout. Tough walking. Ulrika made it down a cliff face without too much drama.

Beautiful view into the gorge.


Kayaking tomorrow.


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