Day 81 to 82 31/7 – 1/8 Longreach

A couple of eventful days in & around Longreach. Had our first issue with our truck. The DC to DC charger packed it in so the back battery wasn’t charging so therefore the beer fridge wasn’t on. As this was deemed to be a significant issue everything else stopped until the local Auto Electrician fixed (add $700 to the cost side of the ledger).

You don’t see this very often when standing on the side of the road!

2017 31 Jul_1736

Ilfracombe is an interesting place with lots of old equipment lining the street

The Wellshot pub is over a 100 years old & it has lots of character. As we always do it is important to get to know the locals so we have been regularly immersing ourselves in the atmosphere. One of the traditions is to throw $5 in a tack into the ceiling. All the money goes to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. There is a bit of a trick to it & if you successfully do it you get a free beer. I got it first time!

Another popular spot is the Artesian Spring pool. It comes out of the ground at 39 degrees & is most enjoyable after a big day.

2017 31 Jul_1733
Ulrika enjoying the hot artesian waters

QANTAS Founders Museum today. Most entertaining exhibits & planes.

We spent 4 hours there looking around. I had to have a go on the F35 stimulator

2017 01 Aug_1715

Also went to Outback Hall of Fame which whilst interesting did not hold our attention for long.

Billy had his first day with a babysitter today whilst we went out. For a 15-year-old dog he is handling OK so far. His mother just needs to remember to keep him away from the burrs when walking him.

It’s a small world – over the last few days I noticed someone staring at me while we where at the Wellshot Hotel. Anyway last night he came up to me & asked if I was Peter Macrae. In the middle of nowhere & on his day off a person from our past appeared from nowhere. Its a strange world. He lives locally & works on a property 200k out-of-town.

It was 33 degrees today & they have not had decent rain in 5 years. Its a tad dry.

Off to Cloncurry tommorow.

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