Day 71 to 74 21/7-24/7 Brisbane

Have been off the air for the last week as we have not had Internet connection. Ah. the joys of travelling in the great outback. Will try to get updated over a couple of posts as Ulrika has told me that I need to be more concise so we can remember what we are doing.

We spent the days above catching up with the kids in Brisbane. Stayed at ThornsideĀ Mobile Home Park which is as it says is more for permanent mobile homes rather than caravans. They have a few spots available for drop-ins like us. It’s not too bad a spot & it was only 10 mins from Tristan’s place so it worked out OK.

It was a bit of a Jayco Silverline Outback Club with 3 similar vans parked next to each other.

Met some nice people & as usual on first night Ulrika has too many drinks around BBQ & ia not well in the morning. Junior comes around for his first visit to caravan & makes himself at home.

2017 23 Jul_1565
Hayden settles in quickly

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