Day 43 to 56 24/6-6/7 Gold Coast

Well we made it back. Billy & the unit were well looked after by our housesitters Sue & Lee.

We travelled 5224km in 43 days & used 1000 litres of Diesel. If we keep this up I will have to get a job!

Over the last few weeks we have been doing all the stuff you have to do to get ready to go away for 2-3 years i.e

  • make sure all the mail is sent via email
  • cut off all services
  • get the car & caravan serviced
  • get Billy & Ulrika serviced
  • pack up the furniture, etc
  • etc, etc

Have been trying to spend as much time with Hayden as well.

Have bought myself a new toy so I hope I can add some even more spectacular photos of our trip


We have decided on the route for when we take off again. Still got a few weeks of organising. Will hang around Darwin until Oct & then head off to the Kimberleys before the wet.

IMG_1102 (002)

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