Day 42 & 43 23/6-24/6 Evans Head

Drove from Sawtell to Evans Head yesterday. Great weather again.

Went to Broadwater National Park to try & get onto beach. Worked out why we couldn’t drive on beach after getting a look at it, lots of erosion all along the beach.

Prawns from Fish coop for dinner & then a visit to the Illawong Hotel. Great caravan park on the river & beach.

We start today with breakfast at the Riverfront Kiosk & Cafe. Not a bad spot to start the morning.

A walk along the river after Brekkie finds a market where I buy Ulrika a new hat. We also spy a White-bellied Sea-Eagle sitting on a lamp-post next to the river.

Then go for a wander along Tourist Drive 28. Pleasant drive.tourist-drive-28 (1)

Stopped in at a couple of nice spots along the way. Victoria Park Nature Reserve. Lots of Macadamia’s, avocados & Guava being grown in this area. Summerland House Farm which is run by the House with No Steps & finally we had elevenses at Our Daily Bread Cafe.

Dropped in to the Aviation Museum at Evans Head. They have a complete F111 (what a great plane) & Caribou. Apparently Evans Head had the biggest airforce base in the Southern hemisphere in WW2. It was a training facility & there were up to 6000 personal based there.

They also had a MIG 15. Can anybody spot the similarities in the photo below?2017 24 Jun_1229

Late lunch at Surf Club before a well-earned snooze.

We are leaving tomorrow to head home for a few weeks. Have to put furniture in storage, organise all the bits & pieces & make the place ready for our new tenants.

Had a great time & met lots of great people & saw lots of interesting stuff. Can’t wait to get on the road permanently.

3 thoughts on “Day 42 & 43 23/6-24/6 Evans Head”

  1. You Guys should have been at Ballina and Byron last weekend when we were down there (Ratshit, Rod, Wes and myself)

  2. Hi back, Its a great life at the top, with some great places on the North Coast. Are you doing any fishing? there is enough out there to catch a feed!!!! Only last weekend we (Scott and me) have finished his home (real estate 270 Nineteenth Ave Elenoro) and he has his first viewings this weekend. De pendant on what happens we might hit the road??? Send some pics of your van and car setup. Always interested Roddles

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