Day 35 & 36 16/6 – 17/6 Port Macquarie

Drove to Port Macquarie from Belmont Friday morning taking our time & eating Andy’s cherry pie @ Coolongalook for morning tea . Staying at Flynns Beach which is only a few minutes outside of town. Decided to go for a quick drive around town & ended up at Ricardos Tomato & Strawberry Farm. As always where food is involved Ulrika indulged picking lots of strawberries & stocking up on tomatoes.

Ulrika picked up her ball marker from Port Macquarie Golf Club & the we dropped into the Tacking Point Lighthouse. Especially for Sylvia below is a photo of the lighthouse. We were also lucky enough to see a couple of whales go past.

Happened to come across a boutique brewery in the suburbs so of course we had to check it out. We had a paddle each & both found one we liked. Ulrika liked the stout.

Tomato soup followed by flombe strawberries from Ricardos is on the menu for dinner.

Had a lazy morning as it was raining & Ulrika had a sleep in, she has been fighting the flu all week. Decided to play tourist in the arvo & went & checked out Timbertown. Was worth the effort. Ulrika got a hand-made key ring from Doug the Smithy. Love the steam train. Looking forward to seeing lots of them on our travels.

Off to Sawtell tomorrow for 4 days of Golf at Bonville.

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