Day 25 & 26 6/6 – 7/6 St George

Spent yesterday roaming around St George. Nice spot. How about the old Greek guy that carves the Emu Egg lights. Great story about him coming to Australia after WW2 & making a success for him & his family. He can spend over 100 hours per egg.

We then went to Riversands winery for a tasting & ended up having a ploughman’s lunch. Excellent chardonnay & as always Ulrika purchases a bottle of Muscat. It is a little chilly in the evenings!2017 06 Jun_0564

Went for a drive to Beardmore Dam but not much there. Interesting that the floods of 2012 were the highest recorded level & that the whole town was evacuated for a week.

2017 06 Jun_0567
Beardmore Dam on the Balonne River

Set off for Moree this morning & have spent a lazy day looking around the town.

Ulrika has added a Wedge Tailed Eagle & Apostle Bird to her list of sightings.

Off to Tamworth tomorrow to spend a few days & have our first game of golf for a while.

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