Day 20 to 24 2/6 – 5/6 Clermont/Carnavon Gorge

Drove to Clermont today & we stayed at Clermont Caravan Park. Walked around town looking for somewhere to have dinner. Nope, only place open on a Friday night were the pubs. Decided to do Pub Crawl (as you do). Visited all 4 pubs & caught up with locals. Not much of interest in town except for a horse & cart.


Horse & cart at Clermont

Drove the next day to Carnarvon Gorge & stayed at couple of nights at Takarakka Bush Resort. Its been 21 years since we were here last with Steve Elliot & family. If your watching Steve here’s some photos from then.

Got some decent pics of the gorge. Got a bit chilly at night but the caravan is not bad. Ulrika has decided to take up Bird Watching as a pastime as we travel around. She has an app that helps her identify birds.

Fortunately they had a happy hour which we made the most of.

Happy hour at Takarakka

Left Carnarvon Gorge this morning heading to St George. Ulrika got most excited just the other side of Roma when she saw Emus & Baby Emus.

Stopped at Surat for lunch. Interesting place. The last horse drawn Cobb & Co stagecoach arrived here in 1924.

Lots of cattle on the road after we left Surat

2017 05 Jun_0552
Cattle on road just south of Surat

Arrived at St George this arvo & just had dinner with my lovely at the Cobb & Co Hotel for my birthday.

Here for the day tomorrow & then off to Moree.

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  1. You missed Alpha where I grew up. My dad was an inaugural member of the golf club. We had the picture show, no roof, dirt floor and canvas seats. We also had the dance hall ,ruined after the 1950 flood and mum and dad had the newsagency. Have fun

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