Day 10 to 19 23/5 – 1/6 Whitsundays

Well we are finally back on dry land after spending the last 10 days on the water. The weather was great overall blowing consistant 10-15 knots every day from the South East. Great for sailing. Gary & Grant enjoyed the challange of learning to sail. Gary especially likes tacking! Got a bit windy (25-30 knots) last night & today as the wind turned South. Good thing we were coming in! Below is where we went (blue lines).

Where we went is the blue line

So I can remember this is where we moored each night:-

1st night                     Abel Point Marina

2nd night                   Nara Inlet

3rd night                    Stonehaven via Caves Cove

4th night                    Tongue Bay via Blue Pearl Bay vis Manta Ray via Border Island

5th night                    Chalkies via Whitehaven Beach

6th night                    Hamilton Island Marins via Solway Passage via Fitzalan Passage

7th night                    Stonehaven via Caves Cove (yes we like it there)

8th night                     Sawmill via Butterfly Bay via Maze Bay

9th night                     South Molle

10th night                   South Molle via Shute Harbour many times (Garys tacking skills                                               need improvement)


One of the consistents was the mess left from Cyclone Debbie. Just a few examples below.

Uli had a good time with the highlight being feeding the turtle

We did not do much snorkling as the underwater visibility was still not good. We did do plenty of eating & drinking & laughing.


Found a couple of different ways to travel.

Went to some great spots.

We may not be back next year but when we do we “need a bigger boat”. Luckily we found one that meets our needs. Southern Cloud – 130 foot long, 6 state rooms & pretty reasonable at $100k/week.2017 01 Jun_0030

Thanks Dorothy, Gary, Nancy & Grant for a great start to our lap. The only thing that spoilt it was Garys mood after QLD lost last night.

Tomorrow off to Clermont on the way to Carnarvon Gorge.






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